YA food storage system – a stage for your precious fruits & vegetables

The storage system for food – More specifically, for fruits and vegetables. This small piece of furniture wants to provide the appropriate platform for one of the basics of life on this planet. Out of the fridge. Out of decorative fruit bowls. In to consciousness and, most importantly, in to your belly. Farm animal husbandry is largely responsible for many of the environmental and social crises of the 21st century.

As the worlds population continues to rise and climate change progresses, a widespread shift away from animal-based foods is becoming an existential requirement. Driving this change while framing it in positive terms is design motivation for YA. Many fruits and vegetables can easily be store using the rods, that can be individually adjusted in Y-axis.

Already the generous space communicates that on average too much food is stored in the refrigerator. Some have basically no business being there, as they can lose flavor and nutrient content. Many others can be kept completely unrefrigerated if consumed in a timely manner. Accordingly, the application of this fact should also promote awareness of the quality, origin and consumption of our food. Traditional storage methods, such as burying root vegetables in sand, are being rediscovered. The vegetables can thus be experienced not only as a taste experience, but also as an overall visual and haptic experience.