fragmento chair – functionalism is a fairy tale

Wether it be pipes, hiking poles, walls or thrones, carving fragments of their culture into objects of value is ancient human behavior. The social claim the 20th century of reducing ornament and increasing functionally in furniture making, in order to mass produce affordable furniture for everybody, has bitten its own tail.

Furniture today is often cheaply produced and aesthetically interchangeable, so that a careless throwaway culture has become established. This practice is ultimately part of the rapid destruction of the ecosphere. Fragmento Chair is thus meant to be a political statement promoting autonomy and longevity.

Using a spherical router head on an angle grinder, curly, antique-looking objects, figures, animals and plants are milled freehand into the seat and backrest. Situated below the surrounding surface, the imagery changes drastically when light hits it from different angles. The chair must be moved to capture its aesthetics and becomes absorbed in its nature as a folding chair.