Ein Entwurf kooperativen Widerstands – visions for the future of work: the story of noplace told in a book

The future of human work will change rad­ically – for the better. We will not have to work to survive, nor will our work destroy the planet: we will work because the process of creating with others is our natural human condition. We operate an interdisciplinary open space with office, workshop and event areas in downtown Cologne and organize there a progressive working community of 29 people: the noplace community.

This is a manifesto that conveys the background, development and vision of the noplace company. It focusses on the political thoughts behind noplace, such as the concept of progressive humanism, political design, the construction of collective identity, entangled privileges, or the future of work.

The essays are tightly interwoven with a narrative of the development process of noplace. Along these diary-like chapters, analog photographs, illustrations, and compositions of screenshots provide an honest look at the time, tools, and emotions that went into the creation of noplace. Because noplace is a collective effort, the book includes interviews and contributions from all the people involved. A printed copy can be read at noplace Follerstraße 82 – digitally the book is free to download here.