1 year noplace – Kölner Design Preis exhibition @ Museum für angewandte Kunst Köln

noplace designs maker-, coworking- and exhibition spaces and organises their users as a community that works there in solidarity, networks and hosts events. In 2021, noplace was founded by 6 designers as a GbR and has since designed its first open space in Cologne’s city centre on an area of over 200 m². Coworking spaces as anonymous workspaces are negative consequences of an economy that destroys social connections for the sake of supposedly increasing efficiency. noplace, on the other hand, creates a new hybrid: a coworking space that forms community and promotes flexible identity.

People are willing to make their private property available for communal use. Because the members already cover the fixed costs with their monthly contributions, events do not necessarily have to be linked to rent. In this way, non-profit events in particular can be made possible or young artists who lack the financial means can be given a stage.