We are strong – Ein Recht auf Spiel am Kölnberg #kidsderschuleimsueden

Playing outdoors together and without guidance is fundamental to children’s social development.  This is how they explore the world and their potential. Every child has a right to this. This is difficult between the high-rise buildings in the socially deprived area of Kölnberg. Not only do more than 60 nations live together there, but also about 900 children.

With reference to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the pupils of the local elementary school write an unequivocal letter to the district council. The children demand their rights. This results in a semester project with students from the ecosign academy. The aim of the project is to support the children in this. On eye level they discuss, paint, screen print and take pictures. A special concern of the class is to convert the old unused tennis court into a skate court.

So instead of just generating attention, five skate ramps are built with versatile support and placed there for everyone to use. This part of the project was made possible by the minha galera collective. In their workshops the ramps were built and transported with helping hands. The bumps, kickers and grindbox give all children, regardless of riding equipment and ability, the opportunity to try out and learn new tricks. The elements can be moved freely over the course and can be combined with each other in various ways due to the equalized heights. For the inauguration, each child in the class receives their own skateboard. In the following workshop they will practice together.