the imprint of minha galera – a symbol to unite the collectives different activities

minha galera is a network of people who relate to each other in a flexible and distributed way, yet all see themselves as part of the same large organism. The cosmos of minha galera has grown from a circle of friends, into a collective, an association and finally a cooperative and then another cooperative.

On these foundations, minha galera has created various projects over several years: first a shared apartment, then an open space in an industrial warehouse with wood, car and metal workshops, a communal kitchen and event space, then a collectively run store in Cologne and most recent a cooperative housing project in a collectively financed country house in the Eifel.

Each of these projects is self-initiated, managed and operated in changing constellations of 10 to 30 people. Even though the collective is also organized in businesses, minha galera is not a brand.

Its corporate identity is underlying constant change and rather seeks to leave room for its members individual creativity, instead of setting fixed guidelines. Never the less, there are values, strategies and approaches within the collective that remain unchanged no matter the projects specifics.

minha galera is all about doing lots of manual work. So naturally the logo is inspired by calluses and folds of hands that spend lots of time building, carrying, fixing cars or working in the garden. At the same time the somewhat loose assemblance which stands together no matter what resembles the collectives social structure. The logo is designed to be easily reproduced by any member of the collective.