open source folding chair – regional identity concept

REGIONALE 2025 Bergisches Rheinland is a structural development program of the state of NRW supports and qualifies a variety of projects with the aim of making the structures of the Bergisches Rheinland area fit for the future. The REGIONALE 2025 folding chair design was initiated, to create a symbol of high recognition value for the program. It is to be integrated in various places – physically at events or at project locations but also medially on the website and newsletter.

Originally looking for one single chair design, that can be produced at mostly any carpentry, the open source concept rethinks that commission by making a step back and questioning the exakt communicative strategy of the desired chair. So instead of creating a third party finished product, the open source concept allows the projects and companies of the region to truly present themselves in full diversity and capability. By including the individual design and crafting of every different chair into the communicative process, a fun experience of empowerment and responsibility is created. A potential video series that accompanies each projects own journey towards their unique folding chair, offers far more entertainment value and identification potential, as opposed to presenting one single flawless folding chair.

The basic design requires minimal tools and material to build. The wood can easily be cut to length by hand and put together using screws or nails. Even the rotating mechanism is accomplished by using single screws. The positioning of the crossbar on the rear legs allows you to change the angle of the seat and backrest. Other dimensions are also widely modifiable, regardless of the design. The chair could be transformed into a bench or a deck chair using the same construction principles. Download the construction manual.